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Setting precedent at Imprimerie Delince through our founder's mission and service offerings.


Imprimerie Delince (Delince Printing in English) was founded in 1967 by Luc Delince with a vision of placing our client's printed communications success ahead of any other concerns. From our humble genesis, our firm has grown into an international firm that maintains a focus on our founder's vision.

Engage Imprimerie Delince at the outset of your printing project and take advantage of our graphic design, pre-press, printing and publishing services. The multi-service structure at Imprimerie Delince offers clients the choice of full service offset and letterpress services, or state of the art, short run digital printing + publishing projects.


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Print based communications is our area of speciality and as such a focus of our solutions for clients. At Delince Printing, we excel at working with you to understand your goals, develop your concepts + ideas into effective solutions that meet at least two goals. First, we effectively deliver your message in print. Finally we meet your timeline and budget requirements. Well then that's actually three things isn't it?

Concept + Planning 

Everything starts with an idea. You know, what is it that you are trying to achieve or communicate. Our studio works with you to develop, nurture and cultivate those ideas into clear direction and plans to execute something great.

Design + Production

Design is the action of turning an idea into an effective, beautiful and balanced solution. Once arrived at, that solution requires precise, professional skills to transform it into something that is 'printable.' Luckily we excel at creating beautiful + printable things.

Pre-Press Services 

Before a design can be mounted and run on a press there are quality assurance and other processes that must be completed. This is the pre-press stage of production. We will spare you the boring details. Suffice to say, "Delince Printing's pre-press services insure that what you see on the screen will be what you see on paper."


Imprimerie Delince offers a seamless and holistic solution for your commercial print needs. We are proud to offer a wide range of print, binding and specialty finishing capabilities that provide flexibility, quick-turn and customization for all types of print collateral pieces.


Offset + Web Printing Options

 We offer sheetfed, heat set, non-heat set web offset, and on-demand digital printing technologies combined with kitting, binding and specialty finishing capabilities that offer creative options to deliver your message while staying within your budget.

Flexible + Affordable Book Printing

Our advanced wide-web, high-speed offset and digital press technologies provide greater speed, efficiency, flexibility and variability. That means we’re always ready to accommodate whatever stage your product life cycle is, whether it’s more frequent reprints, reduced print quantities or shorter production cycles.


Self-Publishing x Delince is the easy way to produce professionally designed and printed books without the involvement of a third-party publishing company. This is the perfect solution for academics, authors, schools and other institutions who require physical, printed books without involving a publishing company and all of the corresponding costs and processes.


Traditional off-set book publishing

The author is responsible and in control of entire process including design, production, distribution and marketing. Imprimerie Delince is Haiti's premier designer and producer of books for self-publishers.

Small Run digital book publishing

Economically print only the books you need, no inventory, no risk. Volume discounts start at 50 copies.

Micro Run digital book publishing

This is the perfect solution for small educational institutions, company annual reports or other applications that only require a "handful" of books. Volume discounts start at 25 copies.

Additional Design + Publicity Services

Enjoy a professional look and the exposure you deserve with expert cover design, formatting, marketing, publicity services and more. Get Started today and learn how to accelerate your publishing process. You bring the manuscript. Let Imprimerie Delince take care of the rest.